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[ANNOUNCEMENT] on Translating/Using My Works

Hi everyone!

It has come to my attention that several of my works have been translated into other languages; some of them with my permission and some others without. I don't mind my works being translated, really, but it would be really nice if you inform me first :D. So related to that, in this post I'm going to put some "rules" for any of you who want to translate/use my works in any way :). I'm not going to be very demanding, really, but please:

1) Leave a comment here if you want to translate/use my works, or you can inform me
on the comment section of the original post, via livejournal's private message, tumblr's ask, or my;
2) If you want to use my work(s) for purposes other than translating, please state your purposes clearly;
3) Give the proper credit in your translation(s)/post(s);

4) Link back to the original post(s) in your translation(s)/post(s);
5) Give me the link to your translation(s)/post(s), whether it's on the comment section of the original post, via livejournal's private message, tumblr's ask, or my;
6) These rules don't apply if you want to simply recommend my works on other sites.

Originally, I didn't want to post these rules because I don't want to come off as... pretentious, for the lack of better word, but it has been bothering me so much when I found one of my works being translated and the translator didn't inform me first, then didn't link back, and didn't credit me properly that his/her readers even thought that the fic was originally written by him/her. I didn't message the translator because I didn't want to make a scene, and I think she/he had taken down the post anyway without my telling him/her; but I would be lying if I say it didn't upset me.

I do enjoy writing fan fictions but I also do spend quite some time on finishing my fics. I don't use beta readers and such, so I do all the re-reading and revising errors parts before I post my fics; though I realise I might still miss some errors even after I have posted them online. The fastest I can get a fic done is usually a week, and many of my works take months to finish. So it is a time-consuming process and sometimes it can get quite frustrating.

I know I can't impose these rules on all of you, and some people might just continue translating/using my or other authors/artists' works without giving proper credits, but at least I've given my rant opinion on how I feel about this matter. Please don't take other people's works without their consent and claim them as your own. It's not cool at all.

I am truly grateful that some of you read my works and leave kind comments, and I do feel happy beyond words that some of you want to translate my works so that my works can be read by even more readers that speak your language(s). I know I am not the best writer and am lacking in many aspects. I honestly can't thank my readers enough for giving my works a chance by deciding to read them. All in all, I hope you can respect my decision to put these "rules" up, and I hope you can understand that I mean no... harm. I guess. lol.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed reading my works and please look forward to my new works in the future. Thanks! :)
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