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Hello everyone!

I am here to inform you that I have made Ao3 and FFn accounts!

My FFn account will be used to archive my Hetalia-related fan fictions, while my Ao3 account will be used to archive all of my works from all fandoms. My LJ account will be used to archive my EXO-related works. All accounts will be active and will be used for their respective purposes.

There might be some minor changes for my existing stories that I repost in my Ao3 account. By minor changes I mean things like missing words and grammatical errors that I couldn’t fix on LJ for some unknown reasons (for instance, in 04:01).

I will still write for EXO Fandom. In fact, I’m currently working on three (!!!) EXO fan fictions lol. I might be considered rather slow at posting my stories, but that’s because I don’t want to post unfinished stories. With that being said, I most likely will never post chaptered fan fictions, except (maybe) if I have finished the whole thing. I hope I would be able to finish and publish my currently in-progress stories soon, please look forward to it!

Meanwhile, check out my first Hetalia / USUK fan fiction, The Other Half (Ao3 / FFn)! Do leave comments / kudos / favorites if you liked what you read ;)

Thank you all and hope to see you all again through another stories (hopefully) soon!

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